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Do you like fast-paced action? Then pin shooting is for you! Test your skills every Wednesday at 5:30pm. You may believe that you are a good shot on paper. You may rethink your skills once you try a solid target with the stress of competition and a time limit. You are given 30 seconds to knock 5 pins off a table from 12.5 yards away. Your worst table score is dropped and scores are added up. ANYONE can shoot. This is great practice for concealed carry. No special firearms are required and you will be competing with people in the same class of firearm as you. Bring stock guns or your race guns. It is recommended that you have at least 3-4 magazines for your pistol or carbine. Some restrictions do apply, so read the rules listed below.

Have you ever tried practical shooting? Come learned how the game is played. If you have played before, stop by and see how you can improve your skills.

We will cover:

• Stance

• Proper grip

• Efficient draw

• One-handed shooting (stance, etc.)

• Tips on planning how to address a stage

• Shooting while moving

• Efficient magazine changes

• Understanding the rules

• Understanding the divisions

• Why classifiers are shot

• Where to find matches

• How to join USPSA


We start in the classroom and then finish off with shooting practice. We offer one-on-one suggestions for improvement. Please bring a 9mm or larger caliber handgun and 100-150 rounds of ammo. You will also need a holster that covers the trigger guard, as well as 2 magazines and a magazine pouch(s) for this class.


This is a great chance to have fun with your friends and family. This is a fun, family, social sport where you'll meet friendly, helpful people while improving your skills. Class is open to men, women, and kids over the age of 12 who follow safe firearm handling.

Our scoring is based on the Lewis System division by 2 or 3 and the top shooter in each class. Winners will get their next week's shoot for free. Rankings will be posted in the range the day after the shoot, and the winners will be notified by phone.

The following rules apply to all shoots:

• Range is a cold range - Absolutely no CCWs allowed

• All guns must remain cased until range officer tells you to prepare

• No repairs or adjustments of guns allowed in the cold range

• You can load mags while in waiting area

• Waiting/spectator area is from 5-yard line back to shooting walls

• When RO calls your name for "on deck" wait with your equipment between the 5 & 7 yard lines.

• When RO calls your name to shoot, approach chair and set bag down. Do not uncase your gun until RO instructs you to do so

• You will shoot your 6 tables of 5 pins consecutively.

• You get to drop your lowest score, Max 30 seconds & scores are totaled.

• Finger must stay off trigger until RO sounds buzzer

• Pins must be knocked completely off the table

• You can reload your gun with your pre-loaded mags, but not your mags during each table.

• You can reload mags in-between tables

• After shooting your tables, you must stay and reset pins and clear brass for the next shooter.

• If shooting 9MM, you must use hollow-points

• If shooting a revolver, you can use 2 guns or must have 3 speed loaders

• Failure to comply with the above rules will result in a non-refundable ejection from the shoot

Rimfire Challenge

Learn more about Practical Shooting

Competition Rules

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Need to improve your skills? We have many classes to help you.

Results are posted weekly

More exciting than shooting the same ol' targets!

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